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Weekend Getaway

Vacation for two

We booked an AIRBNB and spent the weekend in CT.
First we stopped at the Wadsworth Athenuem for the 
Guise & Dolls exhibit featuring Mapplethorpe & Warhol.
It was fantastic. I was ecstatic to see prints by Mapplethorpe.
We toured the museum and I even stopped to draw (which made me super happy, even though I am so, so bad at it!)

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I packed a lunch of fun things like chicken salad and cheese snacks.
IMG_0987 2

After that we drove to the Book Barn.
It was freezing cold but it is always fun looking at the books!

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After that we headed over to the room we booked. I was very nervous because this was the first time we booked a shared house versus a private house or apartment. We ended up having a lovely time! The host was gracious enough to make us coconut scones for breakfast. YUM!
She works in fashion so we got a glimpse of racks and racks of designer clothes. And the icing on the cake – she had a dog who was adorable and delightful!

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That night we had dinner at Devs on Bank per our host’s recommendation.  It was the best food we have had in quite some time! The place was empty and it was a bit romantic!

The next day we had pizza at the famous Mystic Pizza! Pizza was delicious on a cold, cold day! We took the time to walk around town and stopped at a few shops including a bookstore. On our way home we hit up Tanger Outlets at Foxwoods (awful!)

Finally we returned to our sweet dog who we missed so much!

One snafu though – I somehow BROKE the film in my camera:


Sweet Dog

My best friend sent me a text message letting me know she had to put her dog down today.
I was so sad for her.
I decided to take my camera out and photograph my dog tonight…..


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Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse

I just finished watching the new documentary about Winehouse titled “Amy.”
What a heart-wrenching film!
This woman had an unbelievable raw talent that was wasted away by drugs, alcohol and bulimia.
I highly recommend this film:

After I watched it I was thinking of the time I was introduced to her music.
I was in my early 20s visiting London and I wandered into a music shop. I went directly to the staff said:
“I would like a cd by an artist who is big here and will make it big in America.”
The staff member immediately went to a display of Winehouse CDs and handed me this one:
IMG_0745 (1)

I had no CD player to use while in London, so I had to wait until I returned home to listen to it. And boy it was just magnificent. I eventually donated it to my local library so other people could discover Winehouse for themselves.

I must admit, after watching the documentary, that the albums do her  voice no justice! Some of the clips of her kind of informally singing, were so amazing. You don’t hear that sounds in the albums!

Cheers to the late Amy Winehouse!

Talented New Family!

Here are some lovely pieces from my new sister-in-law
(well my husband’s sister-in-law) – all the same to me!

Check out her Etsy page!

The third photo is my favorite – Sue took some flowers from our centerpieces and pressed them into clay, and hand colored them. SO precious!

New Backpack!

Love the new LL Bean backpack from my husband!

I think the best part is the new feature – the headphone holder in the front pocket!

So cool!


True Love Is…

Everyone has their own definition(s) of what love is.  Here’s one…
Today I went to CVS to get my husband deorderant since he is down for the count with his chopped up finger. Running around, looking up and down the aisles I catch a glimpse of my father – in the FEMININE CARE PRODUCT AISLE – looking VERY confused. Teasingly, I said “sir can I be of some assistance?” That’s right my father ran to CVS to get my mom her lady products. He was standing there with an empty bag of Kotex and a piece of a box of panty liners, trying to buy the items for my mom. I can imagine this is a challenge for any man since that whole aisle gives ME a headache and I shop there all the time….

What a dedicated husband….

The things we do for love….


I don’t think I have ever felt THIS overwhelmed. And it is a GOOD overwhelmed of course.
We recently had our wedding announcement published in the Bristol Phoenix. I really just did it so my parents could enjoy it. They do enjoy reading the local paper and seeing familiar faces- surely a Bristolian thing.
What seems like EVERYDAY this week, patrons at my job kept commenting about our lovely photo and how happy they are for us. A few people even put the announcement on their refrigerator.  It is so incredibly touching to know so many people care. Granted we live in a small town, but still, their kind words are welcomed and so appreciated.