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Tedious but Fun…

Scanning negatives

My this has become quite a tedious chore. But the wait sometimes is worth it.

I have come across such miscellaneous photos; photos I took when I was aware of light and took the opportunity to shoot something that inspired me. I miss those opportunities now that I am an adult and preoccupied with work and life’s duties. I want to try and make a conscious effort to take the time and notice special things like these –  my parent’s hands.

Scanning Negatives

The negative scanning project continues….

These were total duds,. The negatives were dirty.
I threw some filters and picked at them a bit in Lightroom.

I am a  bit anti- touching up photos that are good, but since these were gross, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try some edits.

Isaac circa 2004
Bristol, RI


An apple a day keeps the doctor a away. Shouldn’t it be an apple a day keeps BCBSRI away?? Wink wink! 


The Great Purge 2016

Purge the Attic/office


Holy moses, what a winter project I have taken on. I am a list maker, I admit. Seems so simple this list of mine – transfer photos CDs to a back-up drive, scan old documents & back those up as too. Well, thank goodness we are having some snow storms because this girl has accumulated some serious STUFF!!

I went through over 200 photo CDs. Boy I have been taking photographs for a LONG time!
I forced myself to part with anything that wasn’t really portfolio worthy (which was a lot!)

I bought a LaCie Rugged drive from B&H. Pretty awesome little device! It holds 1 TB of files! Fantastic!

Tonight I am scanning some old drawings I did with oil pastel crayon.

Some of these are rather amusing and others are pretty serious (I can see my struggle with Alopecia and identity). Art is really such a therapeutic outlet. I am so happy I was able to create and express myself otherwise I probably wouldn’t be so happy today.

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Downton Abbey

Downton is over


I just finished watching season 6 of Downton Abbey. I rented the DVD from my library so I beat the TV airing by a few episodes. I am so sad it is over. The ending was well done and not overly corny or tidy.

I will so miss the accents, the manners, the fashion &the DRAMA!!
It is interesting to think how the audience hated Barrow and were so annoyed by Edith’s snarky remarks in the first season but we end with such feelings for them!!

This was a job well done!

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