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I don’t think I have ever felt THIS overwhelmed. And it is a GOOD overwhelmed of course.
We recently had our wedding announcement published in the Bristol Phoenix. I really just did it so my parents could enjoy it. They do enjoy reading the local paper and seeing familiar faces- surely a Bristolian thing.
What seems like EVERYDAY this week, patrons at my job kept commenting about our lovely photo and how happy they are for us. A few people even put the announcement on their refrigerator.  It is so incredibly touching to know so many people care. Granted we live in a small town, but still, their kind words are welcomed and so appreciated.

Pinterest DIY!

We did it! 

With family coming into town we decided we needed some extra storage & somewhere for folks to sit. So we brought our rug back in & built a crate coffee table! Guests could sit on the floor around it and put their drinks&plates on it. 
Here’s some examples from Pinterest:


And here’s the final product: