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Top Five Tuesday – Stores That Scare Me

Stores That Scare Me

  1. At Home – IT IS ALL TOO MUCH!!! I cannot even buy anything because I am so overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of items. They can never be the store where I say “Oh At Home has that, I can run right in….” I mean the variety is great but holy smokes it is all too much for me! 
  2. Ulta – Oh ladies, please wear less makeup. I realize you have to sell the products, but for those of us who barely wear makeup, or want to try, we are scared of it ALL! And how many products ARE there?! WOWSA. I thought there were lots of makeup counters at Macys but this is just overwhelming. 
  3. Kohl’s – I want to like Kohl’s, I DO! Especially since they carry Lauren Conrad and I am a fan from afar. Afar, because I don’t want to admit I loved that show she was on. 
  4. Target – I LOVE Target. I am scared because I love it TOO much!!!!!! NO fair. Books,  films, JoAnna Gaines’ stuff, cute home stuff. AAAAH 
  5. TJMaxx – Same as Target. SIGH!!!

Tag Line

Branding, elevator pitches and tag lines are on my mind today. At work this year, I have taken on branding and promoting my place of employment. It is very interesting. I have a little experience with marketing as I minored in business in college. Sometimes I wish I majored in it instead. But let’s face it, I never would have made it past Account 102.

After attending branding therapy sessions at my local library, I have been thinking a lot about tag lines. I remember struggling with those a lot when I was doing wedding photography. There were only so many keywords a wedding photographer could use at the time (if you wanted to attract a certain clientele). And many of us sounded the same. But now that I have retired from it all, and am taking advantage of my more playful side, I figured I could try my hand at a new tag line.

But, I have sooooo many passions. It is really hard to reel them all in. But, after filling out Rachel Dunham’s journal, I was able to narrow it all down to the one thing that really makes me special – my EYE. Ultimately, I consider myself a photographer/artist. Without an eye, one cannot really call themselves an artist, in my humble opinion anyway.

Farther along in the journaling process I learned that, as an artist, I have a process:

  1. I see something that inspires me
  2. I photograph the subject.
  3. I share it on my blog.
  4. I love seeing my collections and hope they inspire others!

What I am shooting today is really different from wedding photography. Sure I am taking photographs and eventually sharing them with people, but it was a JOB with a ton of pressure. The purpose was to capture personal moments of complete strangers. It sounds insane now.

So today (and from now on), I am capturing images that mean something to me, that hopefully inspire others.


Here are some graphics  I’ve been playing with from

Silver Lining

Well, ’tis the season for germs. And I apparently, have caught them all. I was looking forward to doing some Christmas shopping by taking advantage of the Veteran’s Day sales this weekend, but instead, I am in bed. My husband has dedicated this long weekend to taking care of me. I am a terrible patient, so I feel twice as bad for him.

Being sick slows me down. I guess when I am horizontal I notice more things – like the dust in the sunlight and the laundry piling up. But I also notice other things. Like the love of my husband as he makes me a nice breakfast. I am watching him dance and sing around the kitchen. When he looks up to see me watching him, he flashes his modest ear to ear grin and it melts my heart.

I suppose being sick is a reminder to stop and appreciate what is around. There is always a silver lining….



Top Five Tuesday – Trends That Scare Me

Trying my hand again at Top Five Tuesdays in order to get more writing in!

Trends That Scare Me:

  1. Minimalism – Get rid of all your stuff?! Own a total of 10 items?! Clutter is so bad for you!  Have you no stake in your personal history? Preserving the past? A PERSONALITY???  
  2. Keyboard Warriors – You know who they are and chances are you have probably wasted your time fighting with them on Facebook. Honestly, no one is going to remember what you wrote on Facebook and no one cares. Grow up. 
  3. Amazon Prime – Order today and get it at your doorstop in 2 days.
    Are we seriously THAT lazy that we cannot wait a few days and go to the store to buy stuff? My mom worked a full time job, had dinner on the table for my Dad and didn’t need Amazon Prime. She didn’t have the luxury of smartphones and answers at her fingertips. Don’t tell me you are too busy. How could we be busier if we have so many resources to help us save time?
  4. Smart Appliances – Fine, I will be the first to admit I love my smartphone but really do we need a smart fridge? Smart car? Don’t give up your freedom and using your brain the good old fashioned way.

  5. Selfies – Seriously, just stop. Have someone else snap your photo so it isn’t always your point of view! You just might learn how beautiful you are by seeing yourself through someone else’s perspective.