Graphic Novels

The Withces
by Roald Dahl/Penelope Bagieu

The illustrations were ok. This was a nice reminder that I should reread the book! Didn’t love this.

I Will Judge You By Your Bookshelf
by Grant Snider

I found this book on display at my library. With a title like this, I just had to know all about the book. Sure the book was about readers, writers and bibliophiles, but it jumped all over and didn’t have any kind of order! Was I amused? Absolutely. But I found myself a little distracted, like the author was weaving in and out of highway lanes. Still, worth the read!!

by Jennifer Muro & Thomas Krajewski
Art by Gretel Lusky
Letters by Wes Abbott

This book was nearly perfect. The story was fun, colorful and creative!! The text (font) was easy to read the drawings were so attractive. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I want more!

Emotional Load and Other Invisible Stuff
by Emma & Una Dimitrijevic

This was not as good as her earlier book the Mental Load. I found that book much more relatable. While this one lists legitimate issues, they are not something I experience in my life, but I can empathize. Certainly made me thankful for my husband who shares the workload!

Little Moments of Love

So obsessed with this book. It’s laugh-out-loud funny and oh-so-true!! Wish there were many more of these books!

Long Story Short: 100 Classic Books in 3 Panels
by Lisa Brown

This makes me wish I’d read more classics. This book was clever and made me chuckle out loud a few times. Too bad I haven’t read all the classics! Great idea!


Snug: A Collection of Comics About Dating Your Best Friend

I grabbed this graphic novel on my lunch break. Read it in one sitting. It was funny and absolutely adorable. A few times in the book, I wondered if someone was writing the book about my husband and me!! Pick it up today!


March: Book One
by John Lewis, Andrew Aydin and Nate Powell

Inspirational. Looking forward to reading the next two. Wish I had them right now.

Poems To See By: A Comic Artist Interprets Great Poetry
Illustrated by Julian Peters

This graphic novel (like many others) reminded me of something. That is, one great feature of graphic novels is the way they can renew our love of the old or forgotten. I forgot how much I love Poe & Dickinson! Some great illustrations too!!


Wonder Woman: Warbringer
Adapted by Louise Simonson
Illustrated by Kit Seaton

Read this in one sitting! Very good! I did struggle a little with the combination of the font and colors. Sometimes I find it difficult to read graphic novels for that reason. I have actually quit reading a few graphic novels because of it, but this one was worth finishing!

Shadow of the Batgirl
Sarah Kuhn & Nicole Goux

I am kind of leery of books about superheroes. I am not a diehard fan like most. I don’t know the history of all the characters. That being said, I really enjoyed this graphic novel! That is most likely due to the facts that the main character is an underdog and makes friends at a library. And I didn’t see the surprise at the end coming at all!

750 Years in Paris
Vincent Mahe

Love love love. Every other page has a lovely little sketch of the same building in Paris over the years starting 1265 and ending in 2015. There’s no accompanying text with the illustration but luckily the last page includes a time line because I couldn’t identify quiet a few! Love it!

Strange Planet
Nathan W Pyle

Silly yet clever. I like that combination. Some laugh out loud moments for me with this one! Hope there are more!

Be Everything at Once
Dami Lee

I really enjoy biographical graphic novels. This one had some laugh-out-loud moments and the illustrations were good. I appreciate her story and her humor.

H.P. Lovecraft He Who Wrote in the Darkness
Alex Nikolavitch

Working at a library is even better than visiting and browsing a bookstore all day. Do you know why? At a bookstore, chances are, you will go only to the sections you like. We are creatures of habit after all. At the library, however, I scan in returns from hundreds of people daily, so I get to see a variety of items come over the desk. Chances are, these are items are ones I would never discover because I am not looking for them. As was the case with this one.
I wish I knew more about Lovecraft. I have a general notion of his life, his issues etc. I felt weird when reading this because the whole time I was wishing I’d previously read about his life in detail. I only really know general facts about him. But, it was still enjoyable. I think it captured the mood around Loveraft’s life. Who knows, maybe I will pick up a biography about him soon!



Snow Glass Apples
Neil Gaiman & Colleen Doran

The illustrations in this book blew me away. Even if you don’t have time to read this book. just flip through it to look at the illustrations. I guess one could call this a retelling of tale of Snow White. Quite a departure from the squeaky clean Disney movie that we are all familiar with. I don’t remember reading the fairytale as a child, so I will pick up the book at work and read it soon!


Alex + Ada: The Complete Collection
Jonathan Luna & Sarah Vaughn

Wow. This is a work of fiction, but I really wonder if someday it will be real. I hope not! Different than anything I’ve ever read….


The Magicians Alice’s Story
by Lev Grossman

YES! Super fun! I love a story within a story.


They Called Us Enemy
by George Takei

I haven’t read much about the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II since high school, when I had to do a project for class. My husband follows Takei on social media and we both enjoy the original Star Trek. So, I thought I’d give this graphic novel a try. I really enjoyed it! The illustrations were good and his writing was very real and honest. I liked how he was able to weave back and forth between his perspective as a child and about his feelings now. I also appreciated he slipped in conversations he had with his father about the ordeal and admitting to his ignorance for being mad at his father for his actions during the internment. He certainly looked back with wiser eyes. His parents were quite admirable! I am glad to see a celebrity writing about history and making it a graphic novel to appeal to some readers who might not normally pick up traditional non-fiction.


Bizarre Romance
by Audrey Niffenegger 

I have been a fan of Niffenegger for a while. Her books are always dark and very different than anything else I have ever read. It was really hard to get past the terrible illustrations in this one though. And I consider myself pretty open minded about illustrations! These stories were all dark but oddly compelling. She has such a way with writing about the passing of time in a seamless way. Interesting!!


Sea Sirens
by Amy Chu

Here is a lovely graphic novel for children. What a great, fun underwater adventure! Really enjoyed it. Kind of wish this were a series!


Introvert Doodles
by Maureen “Marzi” Wilson

Ok, so I read a lot about introverts. Seems there are lots of graphic novels or illustrated books on the topic. Some are very similar in that they are super sarcastic and include sassy illustrations. This was one of the first that seemed like it had a little more sincerity behind it, which I appreciated. But the illustrations are just not good, so it took away from the words. Too bad, because some of the points made in the book are just so spot on.


Book Love
by Debbie Tung

I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! I can relate to 99% of this book. Thank you Debbie Tung for creating this most relatable and funny book!


Muppet Show Comic
by Roger Langridge

Ok, so I realize some artists put their spin on graphic novels but I just cannot stand the way the Muppets look in this one. The dialogue though is very much the mood of the Muppet Show though! I finished it but wouldn’t pursue anymore!


Prince and the Dressmaker
by Jen Wang

I so enjoyed this graphic novel! It has a little bit of everything that I love – friendship, loyalty, acceptance, fashion and a happy ending. I recommend it!


The Alchemist: A Graphic Novel
by Paulo Coelho

I was skeptical about this novel as a graphic novel. I wasn’t crazy about the illustrations but I was able to finish it.


by Raina Telgemeier

This teen book has come & gone over the desk at work for what seems like a million times. I have always been curious about it, but never had a chance to grab it. While working on the Banned Books Week display for my patrons, I noticed this made the challenged list. I decided this was a great excuse to read it. Well, I just loved it. What a sweet book. I will let YOU figure out why this book is challenged and/or banned. I see nothing wrong with it!


by Carole Maurel

SO enjoyed this. My new supervisor recommended this and I am glad she did, otherwise I would have never know about it.


Big Mushy Happy Lump
by Sarah Andersen

Laugh out loud funny. Loved her first book and loving this one even more!


Adulthood is a Myth
by Sarah Anderson

This book is hilarious. I think this book’s hilarity will ring true with a small group of weirdos like me. And you certainly HAVE to be a woman to get it. Thank you Sarah!