This is our second year getting our tree at Keith’s Farm. We really enjoy walking the property and picking our tree. It is peaceful and lovely.

Reading with Robin? Never heard of her. But today I am pretty thankful for her! Reading with Robin recently brought Mitch Albom to Providence for a talk and book signing. There was not a dry eye in the house after Albom was done with his speech. Pick up the book today and READ it. I don’t have children but his story is a powerful one!


Warren Walkabout

We had a great time today taking part in the WW. We got there early enough for  a good parking spot. We stopped at quite a few shops and a place to eat!! What an awesome experience!

We loved Warren Cider Works. We did a lovely apple cider tasting and it was great. We even took home a bottle.

We also stopped by a pasta shop called Prica Farina. Can’t wait to cook the past tonight!

Taco Box!

Really enjoyed my butternut squash taco.

Boyz II Men at Twin River in Rhode Island – what a great show!

A friend recently informed me about free museum day!! We decided to visit the Harvard Museum of Natural History. WHAT AN AMAZING PLACE. HOLY MOLY!! Sensory overload for sure. I recommend it!

My husband and I enjoyed a morning at the Green Animals Topiary Gardens today!

Apple Picking at Rocky Brook Orchard!


Attended a class at a local shop called Created Purpose. Made these awesome coasters. What great fun!

We stopped by the WaterFire Arts Center in Providence Rhode Island today to see the Museum of the Moon exhibit. INCREDIBLE.

Here I am, a geek, in my library summer reading t-shirt, blending into the artwork. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

One might consider me outgoing, energetic and a chatterbox. So perhaps you might not believe me when I say I am an introvert. I work with the public eight hours a day. By the time I get home, my energy is completely drained. I just want to sit down, be quiet and read a book. It is no secret that my Alopecia diagnosis pushed me in that direction but I was pretty much already there. As a young lady I would spend hours drawing, riding my bike or playing piano. I enjoyed these solitary hobbies very much. I still do actually.

It seems natural that I found my way toward art studies in college. I loved art and art history even though most of my classmates dreaded the memorization – title, artist, period and media. Wow. I still can’t believe I remembered it all. Too bad I’ve lost some of it from the catalog in my mind.

I remember how immersed I was in art. I always had a stack of books from the library and I tried to go to every exhibit. Now that I am older and married with a career, it is hard to get to any exhibit! But this month I made a point to take time and do so. A friend and I had a long tiring day in NYC and it was SO worth it.

Lucky for me, two museums in NYC were featuring exhibits of my favorite artists – Frida Kahlo and Robert Mapplethorpe. In my lifetime, I have had the pleasure of seeing a few Mapplethorpe photos and only two or three Kahlo paintings. Imagine my delight when I visited these two large exhibits in the same day!

The Mapplethorpe exhibit at the Guggenheim was great and had a nice variety of his portraits, self-portraits and what he called “sex and magic” photos (those are not for the faint of heart). I was delighted that the exhibit featured a few of my personal favorites, more specifically the portraits of men with Alopecia.


The Kahlo exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum was HUGE. It was three rooms of everything you could imagine – her paintings, dresses, jewelry, torso casts personal collection of artifacts and even her makeup. The place was packed, so much so that the large rooms were stuffy and hot. I was sad to learn the museum did now allow photographs but at the end of the exhibit they featured a larger-than-life photograph of Kahlo on the wall with a bench where guests could sit and take photos. We enjoyed that.

Visiting exhibits like this move me for a variety of reasons. But most importantly they serve as inspiration to FEEL (much like reading). And feeling is important now more than ever. I often feel guilty about the amount of time I spend on my smartphone and social media. I need to invest more time making art or anything that inspires me and others. I’ve unfortunately been duped into the illusion that posting photos on Instagram is making art. Sure people see them and like them. But doesn it mean anything? Will it be catalogued in history like museums? My friend and I were having some deep conversation about art making. Is it art if it is in a museum? On social media? Any outlet where it can be appreciated? If it is your career and you sell art is it really art? Lots of unanswered questions.

Kahlo’s paintings are so intense. I feel like every single one of her self portraits stares right at you and holds you there as if it were magic. This woman had a hard life of physical pain from her injuries and mental anguish from her marriage. And somehow she poured it all into her art. I remember doing the same thing through my journey with Alopecia. I am trying not to let this day and age stop me from feeling. That is exactly what smartphones are doing to us you know.

Here are some photos from the day:

Little dog traveling “coach.”
Guggenheim Museum’s ceiling was amazing.
A little inspiration while waiting to buy tickets for the Kahlo exhibit.
The Guggenheim exterior is as impressive as its interior.
View from the fourth “floor” of the Guggenheim. Don’t look down if you are scared of heights!

Took a quick day trip to Boston today to see the Frida Kahlo called Frida Kahlo and Arte Popular. The exhibit has been at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts since  February. The exhibit was great but pales in comparison to the exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. I splurged at the gift shop. Couldn’t leave behind the cute socks and stickers! We also stopped by the Gender Bending Fashion exhibit which was FABULOUS! I recommend it!


We stopped at Wahlburg’s for lunch and were delighted to learn some kind stranger paid for our meal. So a big thanks to whomever that was! Love that. Will pay it forward!! After that we stopped at the Brattle Book Shop, which was fun! I love a good book store!

My friend introduced me to Primark clothing store which was super fun. I managed to resist temptation and didn’t leave with a thing even though I really wanted from a Friend’s mini backpack!

Lucky for us we stumbled upon Tatte Bakery & Cafe for a sweet! Yum!


Took a quick trip to a new donut place in Riverside, RI today called Proud Mary’s. It is a little different than most donut places, as you can design your own donut from the glaze to the toppings. I was not feeling very original today so I went with one of their suggestions – maple bacon. Bacon is always great! YUM!

We heard about an event regarding mac & cheese. We decided we would go. It was understandably MOBBED. It was delicious!!!!!!!!

Rosecliff Mansion, Newport Rhode Island


And some other shots of the mansion…


Today I attended my very first Comic Con. I’ve heard many, many things about the event. Mostly that it is for the creative, nerdy, geeky kind of person, especially those who love to dress up in character. I fall into some of those categories. My husband and I picked some t-shirts up before the event. He dressed like Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory and I wore a shirt that pays tribute to one of my favorite childhood fashion/music cartoon icons – JEM!

We decided to attend on Sunday, hoping the event attendance would be a little lower. And while I suppose it was, it was still packed! The event took place in two buildings in downtown Providence. There were SO many vendors, it was unreal. I was happy to see some authors there! We did a little Christmas shopping and enjoyed some Wild Bill’s soda.

Most of the folks in attendance were in long lines, waiting to have their photograph with celebrities. Others waited in smaller lines for autographs. I am not really big on autographs and I can’t name one celebrity that I am so wild about that I would pay $100.00 to meet. For a second I thought about meeting Tim Curry since I love him in Rocky Horror Picture Show but so not worth the money. We caught a glimpse of Meatloaf, Richard Dean Anderson, Levar Burton, Billy Zane and Dylan McDermott. Those were the only folks I really recognized.

Our most favorite booth though, belonged to photographer Jeremy Standring. He had a green screen set up and was superimposing customers into famous movie scenes or even the characters themselves. We opted for Star Trek! Beam me up!

Overall it was a nice day! We might try Boston Comic Con next year.

A recipe for fun in my life includes art, friends & food. This weekend I made the long drive to Salem Massachusetts with my friend Sarah to see the Sally Mann exhibit at Peabody Essex Museum. The exhibit was much larger than I expected! I was so pleased to see a mix of Mann’s early work and newer photographs. This is my second trip to PEM (the first time I visited for the Georgia O’Keeffee exhibit which was also impressive) and I have to say it is a great little museum!

Some items from the museum gift shop:

Most of the day we walked around Salem then headed to the House of Seven Gables for a tour. Our tour guide was knowledgeable and had a great tone. She should’ve been a storyteller!

We lunched at Sea Level Oyster Bar where I had this awesome tostada! WOW.

We stumbled upon a clothing shop called Modern Millie’s. Regretfully, I did not buy anything but quickly fell in love with every piece in the store!!
What a great day! Hope for many more just like it!

Someone gave us tickets to the Red Sox this week. Now, I will admit I don’t know a damn thing about sports. It is not my favorite topic and it isn’t something I care to even learn about. I went to the game because my husband is a Sox fan and he promised to take me to a library beforehand (good deal!)

We arrived in Boston around 3pm and started at the Mary Baker Eddy Library. A friend of ours told us about their mapparium, but other than that, we had no idea what the place was. It is a Christian Science library (something which I will have to research because I have not yet heard of this religion). We had time to just see the mapparium (which was totally worth the $6.00). But there are no photos allowed inside! So I borrowed one from their website. It is a lovely building. Oh I forgot! They have a small selfie wall with a shot of the mapparium! It was cute!

It rained buckets before the game, but the skies parted just in time to start the show! I will say, I don’t know much about baseball but the Boston fans are SO enthusiastic and loyal that you can’t help but cheer along with them! The Sox are lucky to have such nice fans!


Pam and I always have a great time when we go on our adventures. It never fails that we end up learning so much and usually order lots of books from the library to learn even more.

Had a great time at the Boston Public Library. Interesting to see the old and new buildings. So fun. And of course I had to search for my favorite book in the stacks.

Next up was the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum. 15 minutes after the opening, the admission line was out the door and around the corner. Always worth it!!

We lunched at Wahlburger (created and owned by the hunky Wahlbergs Mark, Donnie etc.) Yum!!

Off to walk Newbury Street (window shopping of course).

A walk through the gardens brought us to this. (Kerchiefs for the Pride Parade day) 🏳️‍🌈

I am tired!!! Time to order some library books through inter library loan and hit the sack!

This weather is for the birds! New Englanders often joke “if you don’t like the weather here, just wait a minute.” However, this weather really is for the birds. It is Spring and the temps should be in the 60s or 70s with the sun high in the sky, instead it is damp and rainy. I often have a hard time finding inspiration on a cloudy day. However, it puts me in a dark mood, which tends to bring out an odd creative side of me.

I’ve been meaning to pay a visit to Swan Point Cemetery in Providence, RI. Today was the perfect day. We searched for (and found) author H.P. Lovecraft’s grave marker and along the way, saw some pretty interesting markers. We just missed some of the trees in bloom, but it was still worth the trip to the city. I so regret not bringing my camera. Smartphone photos are fun for Instagram but not for printing!

Today we drove to Taunton, Massachusetts to check out an antique store one of friends told us about. The place was so huge we got lost twice! We’ve decided to visit another time because one cannot possibly see it all in one day! Our original plan was to check out the vinyl records, but we were so distracted by all the neat stuff!

Mom & I would visit antique stores when I was a child and I just loved it. I realize this is odd, but I AM ODD! It has taken me a while to figure out what my obsession is with antique stores is really all about. I have to admit, I don’t buy & collect antiques. I suppose most people antique for the money, right? For me though, antique stores are a way for me to remember the way we were. Corny, but true. I need something classic in my hectic, intangible, digitized life!! There is something so solid and sure about wood furniture and manual cameras!

I encourage you to visit antique stores. It made for great conversation between me and my husband! At some points during the visit we really had to use our brains (NO GOOGLING) to remember how some devices or items were used at the time. Please enjoy some of the photos below.

A whole room of records!
What a gem.




VINTAGE!! Remember when clothing was MODEST?!
It ALWAYS lies….
Doesn’t fit in my pocket like a smartphone but still pretty cool.
Love vintage books.
We still cannot figure out what kind of medical equipment this is!
Oh vintage Mickey!

I have said it before and I will say it again – a day at the museum is time well spent. My friend P & I made a special trip to the Peabody Essex Museum to see the Georgia O’Keeffe exhibit. It was awesome. The exhibit featured her clothing, shoes, a few paintings and photographs of her by many photographers including her husband Alfred Stiegltiz. I will admit, I was familiar only with her very famous paintings. I learned lots about O’Keeffe and she was pretty remarkable!!

We made a loop around the rest of the museum (some parts were under construction, unfortunately) but still we had a great time. There was a special PLAY exhibit there which lead us into a room filled with pink balloons. Six adults at time enter a sea of pink balloons. Even as an adult I was filled with joy walking through hundreds if not thousands of these balloons. It certainly heightens ones senses. What a day.

Linden Place Christmas

Drove to Newport to see the Pierre Cardin exhibit at the Rosecliff mansion. Oh it was so FABULOUS!!!

Attended a fun class tonight in Portsmouth RI. Check out their website: http://www.stitcheryri.com/

Discovered What Cheer in Providence today. What a treasure!!

We found ourselves on Thayer Street in Providence last week. I suggested we visit the record store “What Cheer” above the Chipotle restaurant. We went there once very quickly to kill some time while we were in the city. This time we stopped to look around and let me tell you, we had a blast! I found the Sound of Music soundtrack which was pretty pricey online. While Kevin browsed, I looked around. They have all these wonderful cabinets with drawers, which remind me very much of library card catalogs. Each was filled with different fun items. It wasn’t until we left that I noticed even more items stowed away underneath the records!

The records were all covered in plastic sleeves and in good shape. But we noticed this massive stack of 45s. They were mostly singles and many songs we never heard of, but still a very cool way to decorate with merchandise!

Some drawers:


Piano Rolls!!

Last Sunday, one of my more adventurous friends was in town.
He asked if I wanted to go to PVDonuts

I was instructed to dress warm because we’d be waiting in a long line. Well, he wasn’t kidding! The shop opened at 8 a.m. We arrived around 7:45 and waited a good 30 minutes. Let me tell you, it was SO worth the wait. The girls at the counter were so nice. I left with six donuts:

Maple Bacon
Lemon grapefruit
Rosewater pistachio
Orange cranberry cream cheese
Chocolate Cake
Old fashioned with sprinkles

I brought the box to my parent’s house and along with my husband, we sampled every single donut. Oh boy were they delicious!!!

My husband has always wanted to try glass blowing.

I figured I might be out of luck if I looked for a place in Rhode Island, but I was wrong!!

I found a place in Providence called Gather Glass.

I signed up online and we went out to the city today to try our hand at it.

Well, what an amazing experience we had. The guys Matt & Ben were so kind and great teachers. We were the only students, so they were very attentive. They even took the time to print out small photos of us. We both made a glass and will pick them up tomorrow.

Can’t recommend this place enough! It pays to play local! Where else could you get such a hands-on experience?!

Here are some photos & videos from today.

And the finished products: