Perhaps you are too young to remember this. Remember the days where you would write to the newspaper with your opinion on a topic? You’d write a letter to the editor, perhaps. It was always signed with your name and address. Then others might read your letter and take the time to compose their own letter to you. They would share their name and address and let you know how they felt about your letter. Perhaps they disagreed and listed their reasons why. Or perhaps they agreed with you and were delighted you decided to publicize this information. It was a time of ladies and gentleman. What a concept – well thought out, respectful communication.

Today what do we have? We have these so called keyboard warriors or online trolls. They spend hours spewing their hateful comments all over the World Wide Web or social media in the comfort of their anonymous homes. They are brash, quick and ready to fight because they believe that their opinion is right -or they are just there to be disrespectful, just for fun. And the worst part is, they can go online and delete anything they’ve said and easily deny the whole thing. This very example must be listed under cowardice in the dictionary.

I miss the days where ladies and gentleman existed. And for you #MeToo folks I don’t mean ladies who sat idly by because of their so-called place, I mean people who made statements based on research and truths because it was the right thing to do and because they felt strongly about it. They read, they listened and they respectfully discussed. What a novel idea. How can we get that back?


Friends Help Friends Save Money!

I COULD waste a lot of money on magazines. I HAVE wasted a lot of money magazines. Oh the glossy magazines full of photos and articles! I must contain myself!

I try to borrow magazines from the library but sometimes a week isn’t enough time to copy down all the inspiration. My friend Pamela somehow manages to get some magazines for free, so when she is done, she plops all the issues in my lap! WOO HOO! Another way to save money – if you are patient!