The Library

I took these photos on my lunch break today. It never ceases to amaze me how beautiful the library is. I was studying the arch and thinking about it as a portal of sorts. It is a portal to intellectual freedom. Do you have any idea how important that is today? It is the only place where information is shared backed by truth and research. There is no bias. Everyone can access information whenever they’d like. You can even take a book home and read it privately. Forget Google. Sure it brings you the answers in a snap, but at the cost of your privacy. Remember the word integrity? I am not sure anyone does. But I am glad that there is still an institution that understands the word. Thank you libraries.

Beverly Hills 90210

Here’s the thing – I was a pretty clean-cut kid. I don’t think I ever asked for much or misbehaved. The two things I really wanted most (on a superficial level) were pierced ears and to watch Beverly Hills 90210 on TV. In my household however, these two things were not allowed. Even though I didn’t watch the show, I proudly sported my white cotton t-shirt with the original cast of 90210 on it, everywhere I went. Kind of still wish I had that (and my New Kinds on the Block bed sheets).

I recently discovered HULU has the entire series of Beverly Hills 90210. Entire is actually a lie, there are random episodes missing, so in between, you have make up storylines to keep up. I decided to binge watch the show. I am finally up to season ten and my timing could not be more perfect, as I hear there is a new 90210 show in the works starring the original cast.

I am enjoying the show, soap opera really. I miss 90s fashion (which I never wore because I had to wear a uniform my entire academic career) but I can dream of midriffs and cropped tops.

Now that I watch the show with wiser eyes, I realize why dad wasn’t crazy about me watching it – premarital sex, cropped tops, extramarital affairs among other naughty bits. I can see how he would not want his impressionable young daughter to think this is how real people actually act. As an adult though, I am thoroughly enjoying it. It is my guilty pleasure!!!! Ah the joys of being an adult!!