Throwback Thursday

Here is a throwback to an older post by me that I like:

March 2017

My mother has always lead by example, whether she realizes it or not.  One of those shining examples is the fact that she has the ability to stay in tune with her youth.  As I get older, I realize I need that ability.  I might have the idea, but rarely act upon it.

I was at Target this weekend and came across this tipi. The kid inside of me was REALLY excited. I had to fight the temptation of getting in the tipi.  I walked away and headed to the registers thinking about my childhood. This made me think about forts. Ever build a fort when you were a kid? If you have  a parent who doesn’t like the furniture rearranged, they probably weren’t a fan. I’d drag chairs and take all the blankets I could find and built the best fort I could. It was so much fun!

Adults are just so serious. We’re so caught up in life, I think we forget to have fun. And I don’t mean adult fun, but KID fun. Sometimes I am tempted to build a fort. My husband is always willing to help, as he’s mentioned a few times before. Today is snow day. Maybe today will be the day….

Feeling Nostalgic!

January is always a month of reflection for me. I tend to spend time backing up photographs. While I am in the archives, I take a look around. I found these photos of my old cassette tapes. These tapes, in particular, were not for music, but held recordings of my late relative’s voices. My grandfather used to be really enthusiastic about new gadgets. He purchased a rather large (by today’s standards), portable radio with a voice recorder. When I stayed at his house, he would talk to me and record our conversations. Boy am I sure glad he did. It is nice to hear the voices of late relatives. But you can only listen for so long without being sad.

Quite a few years ago, when I was single, and living on my own, I transferred all the tapes to digital files. I should really get in the habit of listening to them once a year!

My Idea of the Four Seasons

Winter –  It’s too cold to go outside. Read all day. Power went out because of the storm. Read by flashlight until power returns. Power returns, shut off flashlight, keep reading. Have to shovel? Plug in headphones to smartphone and listen to audiobook while shoveling. Return to print book after shoveling.

Spring – It’s warm out again. YAY! Don’t care, still inside reading.

Summer – Outside reading. Too hot. Return to air conditioned house to read. Too cold in air conditioned house, head back outside to read. Repeat. Over and over until night time. Read in bed.

Fall – Photograph foliage, stock up on all things pumpkin flavor. Drink tea and read under a blanket until Winter.


Winter is for Writing

I met a friend for breakfast today. I arrived early because seating is limited. I was sure to bring my notebook so I could write something. I cannot believe a product of Catholic school could have such terrible handwriting. Wow. But, as I get older, it is harder to get the words from the brain to the page fast enough. SO I guess I will have to settle for this scratch.

I would like to know if I am a better writer by going brain to pen/page or brain to computer. Today I wrote in a book, but now I am writing on a computer. How very strange.

I have a love-hate relationship with winter. Part of me loves the excuse to stay indoors to read, write and watch movies. But the other part of me hates being lazy and misses long walks with my dog. In the spring and summer I feel the opposite. I spend so much time outdoors and never enough time reading or writing. Well at least not writing anyway. I should try and write twice as much in winter to make up for it!

There is a six-week writing workshop coming up at my local library. I think I am going to sign up. I hope it will take me out of my comfort zone but also help me create some great work, even if it is something I won’t publish. The last one-evening writing workshop I took at the library was great and I wish I saved the post and what I wrote so I could link it here! I will have to dig it out somehow.