Alopecia Series I + II

In college I wore a wig to hide my Alopecia. I slowly started taking self portraits (not like smartphone selfies today) rather, shooting with a film SLR manual camera. Using my dress, manner,  makeup and setting, I snapped portraits to make statements about female stereotypes. Little did I know how much I would learn from the process. I had no idea how photography would change my life.

After my self portraits, I really wanted to turn the camera away from me. Next, I studied my wigs. I threw them on tables and unwrapped the wig which were packaged with pretty paper. I watched them take on a life of their own. They were monsters to me at that point. They were the keeper of my secrets and my fears. I look back on the photos and recall some of my peers saying the photographs scared them because the wigs took on such lifelike quality.

Keys Series

Black & White





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