About Me

I am INSPIRED BALD GIRL! If you are wondering why I am bald, it is because of Alopecia! If you don’t know what that is, you should educate yourself HERE. Having Alopecia has made me SEE the world with different eyes! It was a long hard journey, but worth the ride. I hope through my blog, you can see the world like I do!

I love finding inspiration everyday, whether it’s on my morning walks, books from the library or being frugal to save money! I am easily distracted by beauty or the mundane. I love to be surrounded by piles of library books. I am an introvert and communicate better through photography and writing than in person. I charge around like a bull in a china shop and love a good pun. If I am stuck in line at a retail store, chances are you will find me reading a book because I can’t stand being stuck somewhere with nothing to see or do!

I describe my style as frumpy librarian chic. Love a good warm scarf and sandals. Yes, that is absurd, I know, but I do live in New England!

I have lots to accomplish in this lifetime whether big goals or just a to-do list. I hope someday to publish a book. I want to see the world and eat lots of great food. I want to be surrounded by sunflowers. I want to spend lazy mornings in bed with my husband and the dog.