Isn’t this world absolutely out of control right now? There is a lot of shouting and not enough listening going on. I make it a point not to talk politics. I have my personal beliefs but, I also take a long time to consider situations that are presented to me, especially those presented on social media and the news. Lots of information spread like wildfire on social media and not all of it is true. I like to take my time forming my opinion. Here is what I know…

We all have the right to free speech. Awesome, right? Well, don’t abuse it. Say something helpful, something that will inspire or educate people. Encourage others to do research- read books and scholarly articles (not just opinion pieces, because those are not necessarily facts).

We are all unique human beings. Some people may look the same, or share beliefs, but we are still individuals and should be celebrated. We all have a story. Close your mouth and listen. After you listen, slowly analyze what you’ve heard, and think about how it makes you feel. Now think about how it makes others feel. I think the world needs to remember what empathy is.

I was recently watching an interview with the actor Denzel Washington. It may have been an older video because there was a reference to a film released in 2017, (which I have yet to see), called Roman J. Israel, Esq. At one point in the interview, he makes a very interesting point about children who have a strong father figure and a good home life will do better than those without. How true is this? As a child, I was sometimes bullied for the way I looked, especially once Alopecia hit. For a long time, I quietly hated the bullies, until I realized what kind of home life they had. I was lucky to have a mom and dad who cared for me. They did not. I guess this is how I learned empathy. Isn’t it Crosby, Stills and Nash that sing “teach your children well?” Wise words. If they have a good start, they will march out into the world and make a difference, whether great or small.

All for now.

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