Top Five Tuesday

Top Five Tuesday

Things I Will Never Understand

  1. Contour MakeupHoly LORD what are you doing to your face?! You basically just drew a treasure map on your face, blended it, and now you look like a totally different person. Is this a lie? How do you meet someone at night, wake up the next morning and explain that you are indeed the same person as last night?! Wouldn’t it be more effective and less time-consuming to wear a mask?  Just saying.
  2. Smart WatchesOk, so, initially, they seem super cool. They are sleek and badass, right? Until I saw someone walking down the street, talking into their wrist. Looks silly. Why should I pay for an item that is either a slave to my phone or pay for extra data so it can be independent from my phone?
  3. Facebook Keyboard WarriorsSeriously dude, you are scum. Get a life. No one cares what you say online. I dare you, no, I triple dog dare you, to say that to someone’s face, politely, and argue like civilized humans. Bet you couldn’t do it.
  4. K-CupsWhy hasn’t anyone made an easier way for me to recycle my K-cups? Sure, everyday I can peel off the foil, save the grounds for compost and was the tiny cup. But do I? Rarely….
  5. Why Isn’t Everyone Obsessed with Public Libraries?Seriously, I am over here, freaking out about how awesome libraries are, yet so many people are not using them. Or worse, flapping their mouth about how libraries are obsolete. This is FREE STUFF people, FREE!!! Maybe people love being in debt. Not me. I am too cheap!

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