Top Five Tuesday

Top Five Reasons I Still Use Pen & Paper

  1. History

    I’ve recently started research on I cannot believe how much information is out there! I love the old newspapers. They were such gossip rags! Not like the papers of today. I digress. I have this fear that our generation will have no paper trail. We spend so much time posting on social media. What if Facebook is gone? There go all our photos and thoughts! There’s no trace of us!

  2. It’s Good For the Soul

    I have control over and can touch paper and pen. It’s offline and doesn’t need Wi-Fi. It’s mine and no one else can hack it. It makes me feel good!
  3. Cursive Writing

    I don’t ever want to forget how to write in cursive. Besides, it took me so long to learn it! All those practice sheets in school took forever! I understand schools are not teaching it anymore. So sad. It’s a nice discipline and it’s fun. I wonder if someday I can use it as code from younger people who won’t know how to read it! That sounds fun!
  4. Keep the Stationery Industry in Business

    Let’s keep artists and companies in business by buying their pretty paper. One of my biggest fears is not having paper to write on! It seems that we have become a society of minimalists. We get rid of everything and use technology to keep everything at our finger tips wherever we are. Part of the appeal of minimalism is not keeping stuff, but I want my stuff! I want my words preserved.

  5. Keeps the Brain Going

    There is something very therapeutic about writing brain to hand instead of brain to keyboard. Sometimes I wish someone could study my brain while I do both. I wonder what the results would be. Funny, this post was originally written on paper and I am transferring it to the blog. Guess that counts as both, maybe?

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