Top Five Tuesday

Top Disney Villains

We are supposed to hate the villains, right? But some of them are just so bad that they are so good! Here are my picks!

  1. Ursula

    That poor, unfortunate soul. She thought she could ruin Ariel’s destiny. Those tentacles and that fish lipstick are just so badass. And that CACKLE!! That laugh is pretty darn evil!

  2. Gaston

    Ugh this guy. What a sexist pig. But, wait, there are muscles!! Ugh, those bad boys. Belle could resist but some women can’t!

  3. Maleficent

    Her voice is something else. I love her bony finger scratching her faithful crow’s head. And what is up with those points? Just like the devil!!

  4. Jafar

    He’s so gross, sneaky and evil. Anyone with a snake rod can’t be trusted, but he handles it well.

  5. Scar

    Oh how I hate Scar. You killer! You duped a cub into thinking he killed his own father? Who has the audacity to do that?!

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