Top Five Tuesday

Top Five Times I Wish I Were My Dog

  1. She Doesn’t Work a Day in her Life

    No job?! No deadlines?! No alarm clock?! What a dream.

  2. Napping All Day, Every Day

    Oh how I miss naps. I miss having time for naps! I have a lot of sleep to catch up on! As my dog, I could totally do that!

  3. In The Nude

    Well, my wardrobe would be non-existent. That eliminates picking out outfits, spending money on replacement items and NO LAUNDRY!

  4. The Thrill of the Chase

    My dog chases after squirrels all the time. She never catches one, but sure seems to take out her aggression that way. I wish it were socially acceptable for me to run after people that make me mad!

  5. Forgive and Forget

    My dog never holds a grudge. I can yell at her as I leave for work and when I return home, she will be happy to see me.

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