Top Five Tuesday

Top Five Reasons I Like Winter:

  1. The First Snow

    If you live in New England, then you know the excitement of the first snow. You can feel it in the air. You can almost taste it. The anticipation is brutal. When it happens, it is so pretty. Maybe you step outside and stick out your tongue to catch a snowflake. Love it. But then after that, snowstorms are no longer pretty or fun!

  2. School’s Out!

    Ok, I am not in school anymore, but there is something so exciting about the cancellation of school and work! What a treat to stay home and watch the snow pile up with a cup of hot cocoa in your hand. Get under a blanket, read a book, watch a movie and just enjoy a day of doing nothing!

  3. Snow Angels

    Yes. You are never too old to make a snow angel. Please, just keep making them. Yes you will be soaked and freezing cold. But who cares?!

  4. Do You Wanna Build a Snowman

    Ha! There’s a little nod to Disney’s Frozen there. If your kids beg you to help build them a snowman, please do. The minute you stop playing in the snow, you are OLD. I remember a few years back, I came home from work to find my husband built a snow boat. Another year he built a snow dinosaur. I married that man because he is young at heart. Take note.

  5. When the Snow Is Over

    Can this be on the list?! It is my blog, so YES! Snow is great. But after a whole season of dirty snow piles, snow shoveling and having to get up hours before your work shift, I am happy to see it gone!

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