*Special* Top Five Tuesday

I usually sit down and schedule my Top Five Tuesday (TFT) posts when I have the time.  When I am inspired, I grab my notebook and write down ideas for TFT, then write up a blurb for each idea. But for the first time in a while, I have an idea for TFT on Tuesday! Must be the pandemic.

Things I Miss, That I am So Thankful For Now

  1. Meeting a friend for coffee at a local shop. 

    I have friends who live across the state. Rarely can we sync our schedules to get together. When we do, it is great fun. I have one girl friend who I see only a few times a year. When we get together we talk and talk until the waitstaff has to ask us to go, since the shop closed an hour ago!! True story!

  2. Hugs (used to hate them, now I miss them) 

    If you know me, you know I am not a hugger. Some people just love to give and receive hugs. I am just not that person. I will give you the shirt off my back, but hugs make me squirm. While walking the dog last week, I texted my friend to come to the porch so we could wave and say hello. I was laughing, quite insanely, and she wondered what was wrong. I yelled up to her that I wanted a hug. Then she joined me in my insane laughter!!

  3. Grabbing a bite to eat at a local shop 

    My husband and I don’t eat out often. It can get expensive. But there are some days where we throw our hands up and decide to grab a bite to eat at the local Italian place. Oh, how I miss that comfort food. And I also miss the spontaneity of going out. Now all our meals are planned well in advance in case we are stuck at home.

  4. Craft shop hop 

    Now I realize, how often I visit Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. My craft supplies are low and, because these stores are a state over, we are not allowed to “cross the border” for curbside pick up.

  5. How Much I Hate Online Shopping 

    A year or two ago, I decided it was time to give up Amazon Prime. Sure it is convenient, but I found myself buying things that could easily get at a local shop or the store down the street. That buy-it-now button was a tool to make me spend more money and it is a lazy maker! I also found as orders came in, that the products were not quite what I wanted or as top quality as promised. That is what I like about going to the store. I pick an item up, test it out, and decide for myself if I think it is worthy of my money. Well, the past two weeks I needed to buy a printer, record player needles and some other kitchen items, all online. They are not arriving until May and boy I hope they are good!!



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