Top Five Tuesday

Top Five Reasons I Love Punky Brewster:

  1. Her Clothes

    Punky had her own, unique style and boy was it BRIGHT. She loved rainbow everything and never matched a day in her life! Not even at the Miss Adorable pageant! 
  2. Her Room

    Well her room was just like her clothes – full of every color you can imagine! At the time, I thought her bed was just the coolest. As an adult though, it seems so very uncomfortable – a slat of wood like a see saw! The idea was cool anyway. 
  3. Her Relationship with Brandon the Wonder Dog

    Oh, how I always wanted a dog!! If I had one, it would have been a dog just like Brandon and we would have had the same relationship. Just loved how he followed her everywhere, and tolerate the sponges on his paws while she cleaned Henry’s kitchen. 
  4. The Sparkle in her Eye

    Ever notice Brewster’s big, sparkly brown eyes? It made her seem so alive. I always thought there was some magic in there! 
  5. Her Guts a.k.a PUNKY POWER! 

    What is it like to be fearless? She stood up to bullies and always believed in herself. Not only that, but she gave her confident a name – Punky Power! Wow

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