At what point in your adult life it is ok to yearn for your youth? I feel like mid-to-late 30s might be too soon. I wonder if my generation yearns at a faster rate than generations before, as we’ve been catapulted into the soulless world of smartphones and social media. They are a mega distraction. I will admit, I am the one who should have control over my social media. I have turned off my notifications for all the channels, but still find myself jumping on to post and do a quick scroll. I think I enjoy it because I love looking at photographs. I love posting them too. I loved looking at photographs in magazines and books in the 1990s. I see similarities between now and then.

Perhaps my longing for the 1990s has something to do with the slowness of it all. It seemed distraction-free to me. I certainly don’t recall loving my teen years. They were awkward and challenging on many levels. Sure I had a great time with my friends. But that isn’t what I miss the most. I miss being alone in the 1990s. I miss listening to Casey Kasem on the radio and trying to record the top ten hits on a cassette tape, so I wouldn’t have to buy all the albums. Seems I was already frugal then. I miss playing the piano, no, pounding on the piano. If I ever win the lottery, the first purchase for our new home will be a grand piano. I miss drawing Betty & Veronica cartoons and using my Skip-it to develop major calf muscles.

I wonder if I am alone in my thoughts. I have been thinking about the 90s a lot more since many of the fashion, movie, and television trends have returned. Perhaps that is what it is on my mind! Is it on yours?! If it is, you are so rad.


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