Pandemic Date Night

It’s been a rough few weeks for both me and my husband (along with the entire world of course). There is very little to look forward to these days (aside from good health and a strong Internet connection). My husband coming home for the day or spending ten minutes visiting my parents is such a big deal right now. These are pretty much the highlights of my days.

My cousin tagged me in Facebook post the other day. She told me a local group/chef were doing a virtual cooking demonstration and would provide the ingredients, already portioned out. It sounded like tons of fun so I signed up. This event was made possibly by Bristol Health Equity Zone and Bristol Parks & Recreation.

A few moments before they went live, we lined up our tools and iPhone. We jumped right into the live demo. The instructor was SO passionate we couldn’t help but be excited!! Even though everything was portioned out, it still seemed like a bit more work than our run-of-the-mill dinners. But that made me think that it would taste fabulous. And boy did it taste phenomenal!!

I am so thankful for technology now more than ever. Having this cooking class was a wonderful date night. It made for great dinner conversation (and a lot of dishes) but it was worth it.

Thank you to my community. Thank you Chef Courtney for you’re energy and passion.



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