Photograph & Write

I’ve been meaning to make a little light box for photographing books and other items for my blog. I don’t really have the patience to cut out a box and fashion a fancy table top photo studio. Nor am I willing to buy one. So, I went to Hobby Lobby last week and stopped at the poster board section.  I like this color pink. It almost matches my blog color. It is a standard sized board, which I have resting bent on a bench, leaning against my rolling cart. It’s size doesn’t allow me to photograph anything large, but it is perfect for books and hand held items. I have it right near the window so I can utilize the daylight, which is what I prefer over lamp light. That leaves only a small window of time for me to photograph something, but I think it will allow me to be more thoughtful about it.

When I have the time, I would like to photograph items around my house and write stories or short passages about them. I hope I can find the time. I thought it would be a nice prompt for writing. It also might help me remember how I (we) obtained the items and why they are important to me (us). I hope I can keep up with it! Sure, I have items all over my house, that I see everyday. But do I really think about why I(we) have them and what they mean to me(us)?

I thought it would be sweet if I photographed each item next to my old box camera. If you follow my blog, you will have seen some shots of books with the camera. Sometimes, in context, it won’t make sense being there, but it’s a cute decoration and I really love it.

About this item:

This tiny bicycle belonged to my aunt. My aunt attended Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and is an artist. When I was a child, I would share my drawings and other creations with her. She was always so positive with her critiques and it made me feel so wonderful. It was also nice to know someone who understands the need to create.

Throughout the years, she has hosted many holidays at her home. I always loved going to her house (still do) because she, like me, displays little items all around the house, that mean something to her. I love how her items tell a story. I remember seeing this red bicycle in a cabinet. Every time I visited, I would stop to take a look at it. I loved it. When I was a little older, I remember her giving it to me. It was such big deal to me. I cherish it.

As I started studying photography in college, I would make it a point to carry my camera everywhere. That included to family holidays at her house. Often, I would walk around her house and photograph little items here and there. If she weren’t an artist, I don’t think she would tolerate someone  photographing every little detail of a home. But she understands my need to see.

The past few years have brought on the rise of minimalism. I will never be part of that movement. I love my little items too much. I am far too sentimental. Those who practice minimalism insist that having fewer items make them very happy. But I cannot image my life without these tiny reminders of family and good times.


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