Throwback Thursday

I think it has been about a year since this local mall closed, so I thought I would repost this blog post!

I recently heard the news that the local mall was finally closing. I think most of us suspected it was inevitable but we chose to deny it because it was always nice to have a mall so close to home, especially one that didn’t require a driving on the highway!

The mall will soon close, so I thought I might head up there to take one last walk around. There were only a few big stores open, and a couple of recently added arcade and play areas for kids. I tried to remember what stores were there when I was a kid and what they were replaced with over the years. It was certainly a challenge to remember.

We are always sad to see stores close for various reasons. I am especially sad about Swansea Mall. This mall was more than just a mall to me. During my younger years it was a treat to go to the mall. Very rarely did we spend money, so it was always exciting to hear we would be going to the mall. Later on in life the mall was much more important to me. It was a sign of independence.  My parents or friend’s parents would drop us off and we were allowed an hour or two to roam the malls, browse and choose exactly how we would spend our babysitting or birthday money. I always loved the music store. I was too cheap to buy an album so I’d spend a few dollars on a single instead. I always longed to have my ears pierced so I could buy pretty earrings at Claire’s.

Today, after I spent most of my walk around the mall taking photos with my phone, I ran into a sign that said photography was not allowed, which broke my heart because I had my mind set on writing this blog post with accompanying photographs and reminiscing about the old days. The sign indicated I should see mall management. Sadly no one was in but I had a brief discussion with a very kind security guard who gave me a few reasons why. He mentioned the retail stores don’t want their stores seen in such dismay, that customers don’t wish to be photographed and of course the ever so important in case of terrorists. I think that last one might be a stretch. So for now, the photos will be filed away on my backup drive and maybe someday I will revisit them. The photos below are three of the many I took, but I have rendered them totally blurry and unrecognizable for privacy. Funny, as I was doing this I realized this is already how my memories of the mall are – fuzzy.

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