Top Five Tuesday


Top Five Best Documentary Films (So Far)

  1. Bill Cunningham New York

    I just loved this documentary. I loved watching Cunningham’s fascination with photography and fashion and total disregard for what anyone else thinks. He had one mission and that was capturing fashion. I always dreamed he would catch me on my visit to New York City and snap my photograph!! 

  2. The September Issue I always wanted to work for Vogue magazine. So I appreciate  behind-the-scenes looks at Vogue magazine. Anna Wintour is a very interesting character. I really enjoyed the film.
  3. Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

    Oh Mr. Rogers!!! I remember seeing this documentary at a local theater for my birthday. There was not a dry eye in the house. What a wonderful man. Well done! 

  4. Iris

    I hope to be this fabulous as a senior citizen!!! Another person who just lives for fashion! I love it!! 

  5. Good Hair

    I will admit, I don’t know much about hair. But WOW did I learn a lot about hair in Chris Rock’s documentary. I cannot believe the lengths (pun intended) women go to to have a pretty hair! Scary! Check it out!


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