Top Five Tuesday


My Favorite Youtube Channels (Right Now)

  1. Do it on a Dime

    I love a person who loves the Dollar Tree. This girl is SO clever, SO organized and SO FRUGAL! I especially love when she replicates Pottery Barn crafts with Dollar Tree items! Bravo!

  2. AmandaRachLee

    Oh her videos are so hypnotic. I am obsessed with watching her bullet journal videos. Makes my work look absolutely juvenile. She is too good!

  3. Dave Ramsey

    Oh Dave. Watching Ramsey is like listening to your own father screaming at you about being smart with money. Real smart guy. And he makes lots of sense! More people should listen to his tips!

  4. Made Everyday

    Sewing GOALS!! That is all I have to say about this.

  5. Our Rich Journey 

    This couple retired early and share tips on how to do it. I wish I were that disciplined!!

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