Wow this post is already two years old. Time flies!

February 2018

Boy do I sure feel old. I’ve seen the slow decline of the shopping mall, the rise of digital everything and the decline of analog. I wonder if this is how my parents felt when malls replaced mom & pop shops and cassettes were made obsolete by CDs!

We stopped by the North Dartmouth Mall today and FYE is going out of business. They are one of, if not THE last big box music & movie store. Back in my day the big music store was STRAWBERRIES! Bought my very first cassette single there.  I DIGRESS!!  I do understand why this has happened  – the rise of streaming/downloadable music. Is this bad? Most would say no. I beg to differ. May I pose a question? What happens when we can’t access free digital/streaming music anymore? What happens when that music you purchased is taken away? (Did you read the fine print – does it REALLY BELONG to you?) Digital is NOT TANGIBLE. It is not tangible like the records on my shelf or the CDs in my car. I purchased these items, I own them and I don’t need anyone’s permission to play them. I am free to listen to it whenever I’d like. WOW – what  a concept – FREE to do something without some big business dictating how and when I can.

I wonder about the future of things – music, books, handwriting, photo etc. I hope the generation after mine hangs on to CDs or vinyl. I hope they practice cursive and read print books. They will certainly miss out on the joys of these things.


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