Don’t Diss Self-Help Books

Why does everyone make fun of self-help books? Most consider them a waste of time, but I disagree!! Do some self-help books state the obvious? Yes. But, quite often, we are so busy that we FORGET the obvious! I am always thankful for the reminder. I probably wouldn’t buy self-help books unless they really speak to my soul. But I sure read a lot from my local library.

There have to be a million books about mindfulness these days. There’s your proof we need to slow down and actually think. And what better way to think then to read a book?!

I am especially delighted to see the resurgence of journaling and doodling. I would spend hours scribbling and writing as a young child. I am so excited to have a journal, Happy Planner and all sorts of colorful pens!! Really helps me chill. I appreciate a good brain dump!

Kudos self-help!

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