Motivation Monday

As I get older, it seems different things motivate me. If you know me, you know I am never motivated to exercise. Jumping jacks, sits up and stretching are a total drag. But I do it anyway because it’s good for me.

What I do love is walking. I love to walk because it is good for me. I love to walk because it allows me to see. I love seeing things. Looking up, down and all around provides endless inspiration. And of course, I am compelled to capture it all in photographs.

I am a true believer that whatever you are preoccupied with as a young child will be a driving passion in your adulthood (notice I didn’t say career). I was always preoccupied with old photographs. I loved to study the people and the places in photographs. I always made note of the date and styles of clothing or furniture. So I suppose it seems obvious that I would be interested in capturing everything I see now. Perhaps someone else in the future will look at my photographs and feel the same now as I did as a child. I hope so since most folks don’t even print photographs any longer.


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