What I’ve Learned in my 30s

Oh shoot! I look so good!! I finally left behind my awkward stage! About time!! People always look back at their 20s as being their best decade but for me, my 30s rule. I am done people-pleasing. I’ve learned to say NO and I finally snagged a husband! I’ve settled down in a meaningful career. I never thought the day would come! Good things come to those awkward teenage girls who wait! Hooray!

The only slap-in-the-face reality of my 30s was the the announcement of my 20th high school reunion. Holy smokes. Can it be that time already? I was invited to join the private Facebook group of my graduating class. People are posting side by side photographs – their yearbook picture and a picture from today. Most of the girls look great. But I am eager to post my photograph. I have changed a lot since high school. I ditched the braces, lost my wig and finally got some personal style as a woman with Alopecia. I will have to remember to post the photographs (#20in2020) here on my blog.


Until then….



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