Winter is for Writing

I met a friend for breakfast today. I arrived early because seating is limited. I was sure to bring my notebook so I could write something. I cannot believe a product of Catholic school could have such terrible handwriting. Wow. But, as I get older, it is harder to get the words from the brain to the page fast enough. SO I guess I will have to settle for this scratch.

I would like to know if I am a better writer by going brain to pen/page or brain to computer. Today I wrote in a book, but now I am writing on a computer. How very strange.

I have a love-hate relationship with winter. Part of me loves the excuse to stay indoors to read, write and watch movies. But the other part of me hates being lazy and misses long walks with my dog. In the spring and summer I feel the opposite. I spend so much time outdoors and never enough time reading or writing. Well at least not writing anyway. I should try and write twice as much in winter to make up for it!

There is a six-week writing workshop coming up at my local library. I think I am going to sign up. I hope it will take me out of my comfort zone but also help me create some great work, even if it is something I won’t publish. The last one-evening writing workshop I took at the library was great and I wish I saved the post and what I wrote so I could link it here! I will have to dig it out somehow.



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