Top Five Tuesday – TV Characters I Always Wanted To Be

  1. Punky Brewster – Punky was the coolest kid I knew. Loved her style (the girl who didn’t care that her shoes didn’t match)! She had her own superpower (Punky Power) and she had such a big heart. Role model for me, for sure.

  2. Penny – We all remember Inspector Gadget, right? Penny was his super smart and super responsible niece who always had his back. She always referenced her mechanical book and watch (perhaps an early Macbook Pro and smartwatch)?? I love her because she always used her resources to find the answers she needed, much like a librarian. Maybe that is how I ended up in library work!

  3. Jem – High fashion….a magic earring…rock musician – some people just have it all. I just loved the glamour of Jem and the Holograms. It was always so magical for me when she touched her earring and her world changed. Super cool!!

  4. Clarissa – That bedroom – that hunky best friend coming up the ladder through the window. Just so independent and fun!

  5. Blossom – She was the only girl in a family of guys. She was smart, a good dancer and she had a great sense of humor with a touch of sarcasm. Also, those hats with the big flowers were the coolest.

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