Unsubscribe from unimportant/retail emails.

I would like to know how many days of my life I waste emptying my inbox. On second thought, no, I don’t want to know. Seems like everyone sends me emails. Newsletters are nice but, do I really need them? Nah. Also, emails from retail stores just tempt me to spend more money! Those are the first to go! I will keep emails from non-profits though!

Immediately throw away any retail coupons.

Coupons always get me in the stores. I am a total sucker for coupons. I am trying to stay out of the stores, so any coupons I get in the mail are heading straight to the trash (or recycle bin)!

Purge the closets and drawers.

We are super lucky to have a big family. At Christmas, we usually end up with nice soap, socks and other important things that we normally don’t think to buy throughout the year. So, right after the holiday, I am sure to purge old items from my drawers and closets to replace them with the new items. Otherwise, this place would be jammed with stuff! While I am doing this, I take note of items that might need replacing. That way, if I see a sale, I will replace it. Or, if we can, we wait until Black Friday when sales are really good.

Clean & sanitize!

Flu season is upon us!! We are packing away all our holiday stuff. While we have everything rearranged, why not just clean everything? Before we put our new lotions and soaps away, we sanitize the bathroom. Why not make a clean space for our new items?

Turn off notifications/turn on DND.

UGH! Smartphone notifications are such a distraction!! My husband often lectures me about checking work emails on my days off. It’s hard to resist checking my email when it pops up in front of me! I also want to schedule do not disturb from our bedtime to when we wake up. No need for phone pings all night!

One place for charging devices.

I finally purchased a station for charging all my tech devices. I have my laptop, e-reader, phone, headphones and a backup bank (my phone is so old I have to carry a bank)! I often forget which room has which device. Also, I like to avoid tripping on wires! I will try and remember to post a picture of my station. I think I may even leave my phone charging on it overnight, that way it isn’t near my bed!

More time with friends.

I am always so regretful about not spending time with friends. It is especially hard to be with friends when you don’t want to spend money! This year I think I will ask friends to go walking! That will help crush two of my goals for 2020 (walking and filming). Also, I still have a long list of public libraries I would like to visit. I bet I can convince friends to come with me!

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