Top Five Tuesday – Best Things About Christmas

Best Things About Christmas

  1. Everyone is nice to each other (for a minute) – With the exception of those folks who are totally stressed out by the holidays (you’re doing it wrong), I love how nice we all are to each other around Christmas. Normally we charge around, thinking only of ourselves, yelling at each other in traffic or on Facebook. How refreshing!

  2. We are actually thinking about others -We love to surprise others with the perfect gift. We spend the time thinking about the ones we love and what they would enjoy unwrapping Christmas morning. Fun!

  3. It is ok to eat whatever you want Ok so all nutritionists and fitness trainers are saying hell no to this right now. But what other time of year would I ever have access to this kind of food (because I totally eat healthy all year long)?! Some sarcasm there…
  4. Spending time with familyThere is never enough time to see family. It is unfair. But Christmas is a great excuse to spend time together. I love an excuse to get together!!!
  5. Decorations, movies and music – I LOVE it when we empty the attic of all the Christmas bins and start to unpack all the goodies. It is like this magical flood of excitement and nostalgia. Whether it is a piece you purchased at TJMaxx last year or that dorky ornament you made in the 1st grade, it all means something special. And of course, I love planning my movie viewing line up and playing Christmas records! YIPEE!!


Merry Christmas to you and yours!
-Inspired Bald Girl

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