Song Lyrics Speak To Me

Do you have a certain song lyric that means something to you? Or, at certain times in your life, do lyrics pop into your head that you can relate to? Sometimes lyrics help us get through life’s curveballs, don’t they?! The running joke with me is that I have a jukebox in my head and a little man is feeding it a nickel and the songs just keep changing!

Today is a big day for me. Can’t say why. So mysterious, I know! But Sheryl Crow’s song A Change Will Do You Good just popped into my head. She isn’t my favorite singer but I like some of her songs. None of the other lyrics in the song make any sense to me except the chorus with the same words as the title:
Usually I am ok with change, especially if it is gradual and I have time to prepare for it, of course. But boy, it is real easy to get comfortable isn’t it? I suppose that is what makes change so hard.  Today I am way out of my comfort zone. Hopefully later I will be happy about it! But for now, someone get me some TUMS!!


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