Dear My Younger Self

Dear My Younger Self,

You’re never going to have a boyfriend in high school. Closet thing to that will be your boy band fantasies. Your parents sent you to an all-girl school for a reason – no distractions from your academics. Sure it sounds like a drag, but it is smart. However, it is going to be harder to deal with girls. They are even more cruel than the boys. They will prey on your because of their own insecurities. They will be petty and unkind. You’ll wish they’d stop because if they knew you, they would know you just want everyone to get along. You are naive like that, but it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Don’t lose that quality. You’ll learn to have empathy from being the target of these girls. You will take that into your career and personal relationships and people will respect you for it.

Hang in there.


Your Older Self

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