Top Five Tuesday – My Favorite Childhood Authors

My Favorite Childhood Authors

  1. E.B. White – I remember, quite fondly, Dad reading Charlotte’s Web to me before bed. I still love this book today. I clearly remember reading Stuart Little and loving it as well. A few years ago our adult reading group held a special session where we revisited our favorite childhood books. I chose Stuart Little. I remember being surprised at how I found it less magical as an adult. I mourn for that childhood imagination that I had.

  2. Roald Dahl – I read EVERYTHING. I devoured every one of his books. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was so fun and the Witches as well! Oh and sweet Matlida!!

  3. Boxcar Children – Oh how I loved these. I liked the mystery and adventure.

  4. Beverly Cleary -As a child, we always cling to characters we most relate to. I always loved Ramona and wanted to be her friend.

  5. R.L. Stine – I picked up Stine’s books later in life, maybe in my young adult years. I loved the suspense. I was hooked. I am sure my parents were delighted that I found books that I wanted to read one after the next, as I found reading to be a chore once my academics started getting more challenging. 

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