Give Thanks For the Bad

I haven’t signed into my Facebook this morning. I hesitate to, because I know what I will see – lots of Happy Thanksgiving greetings. Seems so insincere to me. Others will post the typical generic thanks for family and friends. Sure, I can appreciate that. But no one is ever thankful for the bad. Seems odd, doesn’t it? We pray to avoid the bad, or for the bad to pass over us. Who wants to be sad, or suffer or feel down? But how can we be thankful for the good, if we don’t experience the bad?

Years ago my father survived a heart attack. At the time it was horrible, but sure makes me thankful he is here today. At the beginning of our marriage, my husband received some tough health news, so we are always happy for good days. I was diagnosed with Alopecia in my earlier years and that was pretty terrible for years. But years of mental anguish have opened up my eyes to all the things I never enjoyed – simple things like windy days. Imagine the terror of sporting a wig on a windy day.  Now I try and get outside on windy days to feel the wind blow all over my bald head. It’s a beautiful thing!



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