Tag Line

Branding, elevator pitches and tag lines are on my mind today. At work this year, I have taken on branding and promoting my place of employment. It is very interesting. I have a little experience with marketing as I minored in business in college. Sometimes I wish I majored in it instead. But let’s face it, I never would have made it past Account 102.

After attending branding therapy sessions at my local library, I have been thinking a lot about tag lines. I remember struggling with those a lot when I was doing wedding photography. There were only so many keywords a wedding photographer could use at the time (if you wanted to attract a certain clientele). And many of us sounded the same. But now that I have retired from it all, and am taking advantage of my more playful side, I figured I could try my hand at a new tag line.

But, I have sooooo many passions. It is really hard to reel them all in. But, after filling out Rachel Dunham’s journal, I was able to narrow it all down to the one thing that really makes me special – my EYE. Ultimately, I consider myself a photographer/artist. Without an eye, one cannot really call themselves an artist, in my humble opinion anyway.

Farther along in the journaling process I learned that, as an artist, I have a process:

  1. I see something that inspires me
  2. I photograph the subject.
  3. I share it on my blog.
  4. I love seeing my collections and hope they inspire others!

What I am shooting today is really different from wedding photography. Sure I am taking photographs and eventually sharing them with people, but it was a JOB with a ton of pressure. The purpose was to capture personal moments of complete strangers. It sounds insane now.

So today (and from now on), I am capturing images that mean something to me, that hopefully inspire others.


Here are some graphics  I’ve been playing with from Canva.com:

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