So Far So Good

I’m nearing day seven without my iPhone camera and I haven’t lost my mind yet, surprisingly. I thought it would be really hard to break the muscle memory of pulling out the phone for photos, but it hasn’t. Although this morning, when a hummingbird was four feet ahead of me, I had some remorse. But you know what? I actually stopped and enjoyed the moment. I feel most of us, myself included, miss out on enjoying moments because we are so busy trying to capture the perfect photo. I am old enough to have this obsession long before iPhones, so don’t lump me into that category of smartphone users, folks.

I took the dog for an early walk in the quieter part of the local park yesterday morning. Normally I shoot away because the place is a gem, but instead, we just walked along. I listened a lot more than I usually do. I am constantly looking, but I don’t think I listen enough. I noticed the crunching dirt under my feet and the rustle of leaves as little critters were working away in the woods. It was nice.

I have learned a lot about my social media habits this week. If I don’t have a photo to post on Instagram, I don’t actually use Instagram. Once I share I photo, I tend to linger on my feed, to see what people are up to. Then, of course, a stop by the likes section to see if anyone commented or shared my feelings on photos. Oh then why not see what my favorite bullet journal person is up to. And, oh there is a sneak peak of the new 90210 episode and look what is on sale at Michael’s this week – WHOAH!!!

A while back I put limits on my iPhone. I limited my Instagram use to 15 minutes a day. That seems doable right? Well, I notice, in one morning session alone, I hit 15 minutes in what seems like seconds. I try not to use social media in the morning, but if I have a photo from my morning walk you better believe I am on it.  Mornings not spent on social media are much better than those that are.

Am I the only one who finds it absurd that I have dedicated a post to life without a smartphone camera?! I often see the hashtag #firstworldproblems  and I must fall under that category a lot, so I guess I have a lot to be thankful for…..

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