That Hurt….

Ok folks, here is the ultimate want versus need experience of my life….

If you are a loyal follower of my blog, I am certain you’ve read lot of posts regarding my philosophy of want versus need. There is a difference when it comes to purchases. Do you NEED the latest product or do you WANT the latest product? Generally I am pretty good about this battle of wants and needs. But looks like I’ve got a real doozy on my hands now…..

I was in a rush the other day, and was preparing to make a mad dash out of my car. I had my iPhone in my hand, and somehow managed to slam the top of my iPhone in the car door. It was a miracle I didn’t hurt my hand. I honestly could not even replay the event in my mind, that is how fast it happened. It crushed the tempered glass but luckily I didn’t notice any damage to the screen. BUT, looks like my camera no long works. Luckily the phone works just fine. I can still make calls, text message and surf the Internet. But I cannot take photographs. No big deal, right? Well, for me, this is total a buzz kill. I take photos of everything everywhere I go. I walk and take photos, I take photos in my home, I take photos at work. I have an obsession with not missing a moment. I think you know where I am going with this, don’t you….?

A month or so ago, I started an iPhone fund jar which I toss change in whenever I have the opportunity. I thought I would take my time and maybe buy the latest, greatest iPhone (with cash) once I hit my goal.

So here are the burning questions I am asking myself right now –

Do I wait until the change jar is full, buy the new phone and try to use this perfectly good phone for the duration?


Do I take cash out of my savings or make the monthly payments
to get the phone now?



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