I was recently asked by this young lady to be her Confirmation sponsor. Whoah. That is kind of a big deal. Crazy how I remember when she was born and now here she is 16 years old, driving and thinking about college, and I all I can think about is her cute little bald baby head and dimples! I asked her about her confirmation name Hazel and she said it is a character from a book. Could she be more perfect though? She’s “my person” as the kids say.

I wrote her a long note about a story I remember clearly. I was seated on the couch of a family member during the holidays. I don’t remember exactly how old she was, but she was tiny enough to have to make a valiant effort to climb up on the couch to sit next to me. At the time I wasn’t surrounded by as many young children as I have been over the years. So I continued sitting there not really noticing her. At some point I looked at my nails and said “ugh I really need to get a manicure.” Shortly after a tiny voice repeated what I said and made the same  gesture as I did. I laughed out loud. It was hilarious. Then I realized those little ears were listening and I should probably be careful about what I say. She was a sponge soaking up everything I said. Scary. I suppose now as her Godmother I REALLY have to set an example! Thanks for choosing me!

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