Top Five Worst Books

I tried. I failed. I made it halfway through and just didn’t care. I have the right to hate a classic right? I enjoyed the beginning and just stoped caring.

Kids killing kids? No thanks.

Well, I may be tainted because I saw the Broadway play first. Long and perverse. UGH.

This book was such a big deal when it came out. It was all over the best seller lists. I hated it. The violence was so unnecessary. Just don’t care!

Sometimes at your job, you have to do things you don’t want to do. The world went insane when this book came out. The holds list at my library was record breaking. Everyone asked me what the book was about and I could only recite the blurb on Amazon. So I made the sacrifice and read it for work. It was awful. It is pornographic. Just a smutty book. No crazy awesome love story here, sorry kids. But the thing I will remember best is when a retired nun called and asked our Reference librarian if she might enjoy the book……

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