Libraries & Resources

One of the many things I like about working at a library is how much you can learn. And I don’t mean just from books. Libraries are about books, sure but they are also about the exchange of information. A common misconception about the exchange of information at libraries is that it comes simply from looking it up in a book. But that is not the case.

Many people stop at our library and ask for a variety of things like driving directions, how to find a gluten-free restaurant or where they can purchase locally made postcards. Sure you can Google can tell you that but will Google tell you all the secrets about where to get the best personal service or who actually makes tasty GF sweets? Nope! Also Google won’t tell you tell the owner Jane sent you and you might get a tour of the back house. Can’t beat it!

I also learn a lot from working with librarians. They are really geniuses because they have to know everything. If they don’t know an answer, they have to know how to look it up and use a reliable source. Lots of pressure there people! I salute you librarians!



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