Those Were (Are) the Days..

I don’t buy digital music. I don’t trust it. I can’t touch it. I can’t pull it off my shelf and use it when wi-fi is down (yeah I know I can download offline but there is never enough storage space and batteries die). I really miss opening a new CD (well not so much the annoying plastic) but cracking open the case, looking at the disc art and of course flipping through the booklet!! Can’t do that with digital music.

Ninety nine percent of the time I get my music from the library. But there are rare occasions when the library doesn’t have the album I am looking for or I really want the album to keep. That hasn’t happened in quite some time. But once in while, something special comes along….

I just heard the Backstreet Boys have a new album out. Listen folks, there is one thing I don’t do it is splurge. Splurging leads to spending money and I am not crazy about spending money. But I drove myself to Target and grabbed their album this weekend. It was worth it. Backstreet Boys are my guilty pleasure; another excuse not to grow up. I still squeal in excitement when I hear them sing (in a more mature, reserved way of course). SO delighted to see they have a new album. Don’t Go Breaking My HeartChances and No Place are great hits, just what I expect from BSB. The rest of the album is equally as catchy and the artwork is pretty cool too. Thanks Backstreet Boys for an excuse to relive my younger years. Those opportunities don’t come around very often. -IBG


Top Five Tuesday: Black & White Films

Aside from whatever films my family introduced me to, I really didn’t know much about black & white films until I took a college course on the topic. Introduction to Film was a general studies class that I thought I would really enjoy, so I signed up. Boy what a great class!

5. Citizen Kane
First B+W film I watched in class. WOW. How did I not know the word NOIR?? What a great film.

4. Rebeccah
I discovered Hitchcock far too late in life. This film is just as good as the book. After this I think I have watched every one of his films.

3. Philadelphia Story
Grant, Hepburn AND Stewart all in one film? Perfect.

2. Bishop’s Wife
My journey through b&w films took me to all things Cary Grant. I didn’t find this one for quite sometime. I think I found it while looking for Christmas movies. Love it.

1. It’s a Wonderful Life

GOLD. It is perfect. Don’t even try to argue. I will not listen.