Tangible Equals Goodness.

We borrowed Dad’s old Bell & Howard 8mm projector to watch some home movies. Sure, we have it on DVD but who can resist the tick tick tick of that old machine which smells so much like the interior of an old battleship? I surely cannot because I am too darn sentimental (but please, don’t tell anyone!)

This digital age makes me cling to the past – paper, film and all things tangible. In this Minimialist age you may deem me unhealthy, but I don’t care.  Oh how delightful it is to hold a reel of film in my hand. Seeing the old designs on the boxes alone brought me joy. I have it. It is mine. I can touch it. It is mine to play whenever I want, without Internet access. It doesn’t live on a server in Silicon Valley. I can power on, the reel will spin and I can visit the past. It is pure magic.

Oh how we forget. We forget about our deceased family members. We forget what they looked like or how they acted. We forget their mannerisms, their smiles, their hair, their clothing. We forget how much they loved us or how much we may (or may not) have loved them. What a treasure to be able to revisit these things.

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