Listen up. Everyone needs to calm down. #MeToo people need to calm down. Politically correct people needs to calm down. And I have the right to say that because I am a woman and I like free speech.

I have been listening to the news about radio stations opting out of playing the song Baby It’s Cold Outside. Apparently the latest interpretation of it consists of sexism and hints of rape. It is a quintessential holiday song on my playlist and I will continue to listen to it and not be offended.

You know what I am more offended by? Lyrics from certain contemporary songs like ones who blatantly talk about forcing women to accept sexual acts from men who think they are GOD. You know what I am more offended by? Victoria’s Secret fashion shows where women parade around in practically nothing on tv after starving themselves to avoid losing their thigh gaps because of course it is still a man’s world and we apparently still dress to please men. But, you know what? I would never ask any of that to be banned. You know why? Because all those people, musicians and models have the right to do, eat and broadcast whatever they want!! And I have the right to listen to Baby It’s Cold Outside. I can choose not to watch the VS fashion show (or buy their expensive push-up bras) and I have the right to not purchase the albums of those musicians who talk about woman as objects. And that is what we should do instead of trying to ban or censor anything regardless of our personal opinions about it all.

All this political correctness will get us is a world devoid of free speech.  That is not a world I want to live in. I am still having nightmares about Handmaid’s Tale. Let us not live in a world like that!


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