We are always looking for good vinyl at estate sales or yard sales. This weekend we scored Journey & Huey Lewis and the News.  We are still on the look out for Styx and some other 80s items.

I stopped by Kohl’s tonight to try and use up some Kohl’s cash before it expired. Sad to say, I could not find one thing I wanted or needed. I was about to give up when I stumbled upon a display of record players and records. Low & behold, there was Queen’s Greatest Hits album. Only trouble was a man had his hands on it. I stalked him like prey and pounced on it once he left the area. It is all mine!!! It certainly is a lot more expensive than the $1 I usually spend on records, but I love it and I am pretty doubtful I would score anything THIS good at a yard sale! Luckily, the quality is good. Last time I purchased a contemporary recorded record, the quality was awful! This one’s great! YAY!


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