Scaramouche Scaramouche Will You Do the Fandango?!

My husband and I used up one of our last gift cards (from last Christmas, whoah) to see Bohemian Rhapsody. Wow. What a film. I can’t say I know enough about the history of Queen or Freddie Mercury to judge if the film is historically accurate or not, but the story was compelling! We left the theatre wanting to see the film again soon.

Mercury’s character in the film is inspiring. I am so glad they concentrated on his character, brilliance and creativity instead of his sexuality. There were only hints at his sexual encounters and for that I am grateful! I think too often sexuality can define us and that isn’t fair! I am glad they presented us with his  creative process and ability for music and performance!

I digress. Mercury reminded me of what it was like to be a young artist – your creativity it at your fullest and you have nothing to lose, really. Your art is your best because you’ve dug deep into the pits of your soul (because you have the time to actually examine it!). You’re still finding your way in the world and learning about yourself. Mercury was certainly learning about himself in the process as well.

Makes me think back to my art from my 20s and the art I make today. I wonder if any of the art I create today can hold a candle to the art of my 20s? If Mercury lived past 45 would he still be as flamboyant, cocky and talented?Too bad we will never know.

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