Gift Wrap

“I can do this. I can get Christmas done early.” – Me

Yes. This is how every holiday season starts in my head. I get a little better every year but still I always forget something! I tend to wander into the retail stores weekly before Black Friday to scoop out the merchandise then device a plan.

Earlier in the season I found this pad of scrapbook paper at Michaels which was 70% off. I figured I might use it for Christmas cards ( I DID – and forgot to take pictures of them). I try to use basic, non-seasonal wrapping paper at Christmas, then give it a little twist. A while back, I purchased a 5 pack of brown paper on Amazon, some with a little color. I am still working my way through it, which is nice.

Here is my favorite. I used a tiny Pikachu I printed on a 3D printer at my library as a little decoration. My little cousin will be able to paint it when it arrives.

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