Weekend Getaway

I decided to book an AIRBNB instead of a hotel. We saved lots of money and of course had a lovely, small home complete with a living room and kitchen. The owner has some eclectic taste, which made for a pleasant stay.

We loved the Kittery Trading Post. I nabbed some awesome aloe vera laced socks there along with some Christmas presents.If I were a rich girl, I would have scooped up a whole lot more!!! We perused the outlets and bought nothing (shocking)!

We spent most of  the first day walking around Portsmouth New Hampshire. The shops were lovely.  I was especially taken by Gus & Ruby. That place is a paper lover’s DREAM!!

A friend recommended Breaking New Grounds Coffee. Regretfully, the place was mobbed, so it was hard to enjoy our items. My husband had a wonderful soda and I had a great whoopee pie with a side of hot coffee! Delicious!

And most wonderful of all – THE BOOK BAR. Holy moses, I found heaven. Customers settle in on a couch or at a table with friends and eat WITH BOOKS!! Books are 50-75% off the retail price (and they had a decent quantity of books). Sadly, this place was also mobbed so we couldn’t even get a seat!! But it was just nice to be there!

We wrapped up our getaway weekend with a visit to the USS Albacore (on Veteran’s Day – we thought this was timely!). The gift shop had a great staff and there were two veterans on location to tell stories, which was great!

‘Twas a fulfilling and fun getaway!


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