Night Night.


Well, my struggle with the digital world continues. I’ve decided to get an alarm clock. I surrendered my alarm clock years ago when I bought my smartphone. Having a phone(computer, really) near the bed has become a nasty habit which I think, is giving me some grief! The constant pings of notifications is disturbing my sleep. When we lay down to watch a show and we can’t think of an actor’s name, I grab my phone to look it up…and then check my Facebook….then just check my email one more time….then look at the sales on a website…then maybe a little Pinterest pinning…WHOAH! And hours later…..I am wide awake! YIKES!

I found this wooden alarm clock on Amazon. It took me a little while to figure out how to set the time and alarm. Nice thing is, there is no snooze button, but you can set three alarms in a row! The lighting eventually goes to sleep so it won’t keep you up, but if you need to know the time, simply tip it forward and back up and voila the time is displayed again!

I’ve been leaving my phone charging in the kitchen where I can still hear it ring but can’t grab it without getting up. I keep a small notebook by the bed in case I remember something. Prior to this I would email myself a reminder. Now all my thoughts are collected in a notebook which I can tend to later.

So there.

I am going to bed now!



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